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Xtreme Technologies Ltd is an authorised reseller of the world famous MTrack Asset Recovery system. The device assists property owners and authorities to track stolen goods. With a 100% recovery rate since it's release to market, the MTrack is a recovery system you can trust.
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MTrack Asset Tracking
Each year in the UK alone, the number of stolen cars, motorcycles, caravans, motor homes, HGV’s and plant machines exceeds 300,000. Many of these thefts occurred despite the use of alarms, immobilisers, wheel clamps and other deterrents.

Shrewd owners are safeguarding their property with after theft recovery systems. Unfortunately some of these systems promise much but often fail to deliver.

Designed as a security product from day 1, it needed to be small, completely wireless, yet last several years between battery changes. It needed the ability to be mounted just about anywhere and it needed to work undercover. The result is the most effective after theft recovery system available. No other system can match MTrack's 100% success rate across the entire range of applications.

MTrack protects cars, lorries, trailers, motor homes, caravans, boats, motorbikes, plant, palletised loads, cash in transit, agricultural vehicles and machinery… the list is endless.

MTrack can also be transferred quickly and easily. The built-in motion sensor can protect vehicles even when stolen using the owner’s keys, alternatively you can simply call the 24/7 monitoring station to report a theft. With a crime reference number and your authorisation, our dedicated finder network will have just one objective… to find your stolen property. Once found, we remain on watch until the police arrive.
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