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Building on the technology of the original ViKiNG Deployable Camera, comes the ViKiNG ANPR from Xtreme Technologies. By utilising two ViKiNG ANPR units, spaced apart at a predefined distance an average speed can be calculated. The ViKiNG Speed system presents are fast and effective way to enforce average speed limits.
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Xtreme Viking Speed

Building on the technology of the original ViKiNG Deployable Camera, and utilising the ANPR features found in the ViKiNG ANPR comes the ViKiNG SPEED a deployable variable speed check configuration that provides an out of the box solution, you truly have to mount the two units and add power that’s it.

By spacing the two ViKiNG SPEED camera’s at a predefined distance apart a vehicle captured on the first camera will have its speed calculated by its time of capture on the second camera.

This time distance calculation or average speed check as it is more commonly known, can then be communicated immediately to local enforcement on sing ops to a back office for enforcement or checked against white and black lists as required.

The ViKiNG SPEED system can monitor two lanes simultaneously, with both ANPR and overviews by the addition of a further ANPR camera at each SPEED unit.

If you supply the ViKiNG operator station or receive the Viking data (in which ever format you require) at any workstation with a database of registered keepers the software can automatically check this database and generate the offence notifications as required.

With tasks complete on the variable speed check, just use the units for standard CCTV operation without the need to change anything - flexibility is the key to our success.

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ViKiNG Speed Datasheet (pdf 237KB)

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